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sauna artwork

Russian artists Vitaly Tikhov sauna artwork

Russian artists Vitaly Tikhov sauna artwork
sauna artwork
Russian artists Vitaly Tikhov (1876-1939), this piece of work is Vitaly Tikhov draw sauna and 1916, oil on canvas, 132.5 * 105cm. Market valuation of 30-40 million pounds in the way, has been a European private collection of favorites


Russian artists Vitaly Tikhov sauna artwork

Vitaly Tikhov, learn Vladimir Makovsky ‘studio, was one of the best and most talented students, so he entered art history and “Bathers” and “naked” pictures of him. In the early 1910s he was gorgeous, large-format “Bath” painting is particularly successful and admired, and for that, he was twice awarded the graduate School of Fine Arts Gold Medal in the study had two different occasions.

At present, many in Russia duck, belonging to this series. It was painted in 1916, when the peak of his creative talent, and he became the touring art exhibitions Association, which made him in many towns around Russia to showcase a member. Therefore, it is natural to doubt the quality of the show, this massive (more than one meter square) “bathhouse” should be accomplished.

The artist depicts his unique freedom, and “flow” mode model, sitting or standing in a cloud of steam in the floor plate of simple Russian bathhouse.

Despite his preference for his work in the classical echo – he often stood on his model or posture or three goddesses Venus reclining in front of the mirror, sometimes touching, given these same title of his work – he in Russia Banya Tikhov was not thought of fable. Instead, he’s painting his model (one of his most important and most formal, is his wife), in which the artist trying to emphasize their delicate pale skin a beautiful, nice plein air study effectively highlighted its hue from the sun coming through the window. The most important attribute is his impressionistic work Tikhov freshness and decorative.

It was with a similar Tikhov works in the classical Russian Banya, “bath” Zinaida Serebriakova cycle and Boris Kustodiev Russian Venus “Woman bath” style, has been given a new lease of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist life develop into Russia’s “village bathhouse” photos is a native of the establishment, portrait tradition. Apparent simplicity of the problem, inherited the academic “Roman Baths” and Jerome and Ingres’s “harem pool”, allowing artists to focus on the problem of pure painting. In the bright, resonant palette deliberately executed, Tikhov works not only by patrons, became the early 20th century interiors organic, decorative elements, also came to the future of this genre will have a considerable influence, especially in the famous the “bathroom” Alexander Gerasimov’s.

Today Tikhov model “bath female” representative in Russia museums and private collections around the world


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sauna artwork

sauna china • December 29, 2014

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