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sauna stone

An important part of the traditional sauna: sauna stone

An important part of the traditional sauna: sauna stone

Sauna stone effect:

Sauna stones role is able to store enough energy during the heating of water sprinkled on the sauna stones make above can effectively evaporate moisture, making sauna maintain proper humidity.

Sauna stone material:

Sauna stone is now on the market with two mostly rocks and lava, lava rock relative to the longer life will not only be able to withstand rapid heating and cooling and can store a lot of calories and is ideal sauna sauna stones.

Stone sauna use:

Sauna stone must first be cleaned before use, wash away stains and dirt sauna stone surface, because these stains and dust during the initial use of the sauna stove can cause odor.

How to put a sauna stone:

The main principle is to place the stone sauna careful not to block the air circulation furnace in order to produce a moderate heat and steam. When placing a large stone sauna stones on the bottom, on the upper part of the small stones, filling not too tight, in order to facilitate air circulation inside. Do not force the big rock in the middle of the heater, stone or gravel if less than 35mm in diameter and should not be placed on the stove top, as this will block air circulation and cause overheating, and is likely to cause damage to the heater.

Sauna stone life:

To be cleaned regularly during the sauna stones used to clean up broken face burnt out, and added a new stone. According to the frequency of use, sauna stone replaced once every 500 hours to two years to completely replaced every month.

 sauna stone

sauna stone

 sauna stone

sauna stone



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sauna stone

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